Original Artwork "Bold as a Lion"

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This beautiful original art piece was designed and drawn by up and coming artist Allyah Amstutz-Washburn for her Papa, Daniel Amstutz, as a Christmas gift. She began drawing at the age of 12.

​She has always been around art her whole life. Her daddy, Michael Amstutz-Washburn is an artist/cartoonist. She began studying, practicing, and teaching herself how to do everything she knows today.

​She is 15 years old currently and incredibly talented and anointed to do what she does. 

Allyah brings amazing things to life with her original style and brilliance of ideas. You will definitely see more from her in the future. She is so excited to be able to share this one of a kind print as a BONUS with you as a thank you for requesting a copy of her Papa’s new single, “My Body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost!”